APISON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Sometimes hearts are so intertwined that they just can't live apart. That would seem to be the case for Dutch and Edna Baughman.

Dutch said if he went first he would call quickly for Edna, his wife of 65 years.

Almost 24 hours to the minute after Dutch died Edna followed, and as her children said it couldn't have been more peaceful.

"I prayed three things. They wouldn't suffer, make it to 65th anniversary and whoever was left behind didn't have to wait very long," said daughter Paula Otto.

Otto's prayers were answered.

On Friday her father Dutch who's health had been declining for seven years passed away peacefully in bed.

That night Maryjo Baughman knew it wasn't long before her father came calling for mom.

"She went to bed that Friday night with her eyes closed, we could tell she was praying, but then she would talk, we knew she was talking to dad," says Baughman.

Edna, Dutch's high school sweetheart, passed away peacefully Saturday afternoon.

"Dad told her that's how it's gonna be, he got up there and told the good lord, okay, I'm ready for her to come now. And they brought her home," said Otto.

Family members say the two shared a love the burned deeper than most. Always holding hands, and still in their 80's holding each other while they slept.

That's exactly why the family has chosen to bury Dutch and Edna holding hands in the same oversized casket.

"It just shows their togetherness, because they were one," says Baughman.

"I will probably look like this picture, arm in arm, loving on each other like they did each and every day," said Otto.

Baughman admits it's hard saying goodbye, but the family couldn't have scripted a more fitting ending, "it's what I've been telling everyone, it's a tribute to a beautiful love story, that only god could have written."

Vanderall Funeral Home in Dayton is handling the arrangements. Dutch and Edna will be laid to rest holding hands in the same casket Thursday at 12:30pm at Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Dutch is a World War II Veteran.