(Times Free Press) - April Saffel had collected dolls since she was little.

Even at 33, she didn't think she was too old to be collecting them, recalled her mother, Cathy Saffel Crossen.

Her daughter kept most of the dolls in their boxes so they wouldn't lose their value, Crossen said, and she loved to go to flea markets and hunt for items such as old Barbies.

In fact, Crossen said, on the day Saffel died, "she was raring to go to the flea market the next day."

Saffel died Feb. 11 after she overdosed on her prescription pain medication. Previously, one of her legs had been amputated because of an infection, and she had lost the use of the other.

To pay tribute to her daughter, Crossen donated 280 of the dolls in Saffel's collection to the Forgotten Child Fund, which provides Christmas gifts to needy children.

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