WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA (WRCB)- The recent rain and flash flooding is causing problems for some North Georgia horses, forcing them to higher ground.

A viewer contacted Channel 3, concerned about stranded horses in Whitfield County.

Just off Highway 76 on the Whitfield, Murray County line, a group of horses huddle together on their little makeshift island.

"Just driving along and I thought, 'Why are those horses out there?" says Jim Davis.

 Davis is just one of many drivers who stopped to take a gander, and a few pictures, of all the horses passing the time just waiting for the water from a nearby flooded creek to go down.

"I wasn't going to stop, but then I decided to turn back around and check and see if there was really any way they could get out of there. But it doesn't really look like it," says Davis.

He says he is concerned about them braving the elements.

"Just to be out there in the open. You know if it gets windy and really cold, you know," says Davis.

We checked with the Sheriff's Office. They tell us the owner is aware of the situation.

One passerby says earlier Tuesday the owners made attempts to try to get a horse out. They got one out, but they were not able to get the other ones because the water is just too deep.

"They seem to be in good shape. They've got something to eat, got plenty to drink," Davis says with a laugh.

He just hopes they are back on drier ground soon.

"I hope the water goes down so they can get to wherever they're supposed to be," says Davis.

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office tells Channel 3 an officer checked in to the situation and says the horses appear to be fine, and there is hay on the island.