CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Crime Stoppers hoping to light a fire under anyone, who may know something about a cigarette heist. 

The heist happened in Catoosa County but that certainly doesn't limit the search for these bad guys. 

With the interstate so close, this type of crime is on the uptick. Crime Stoppers hopes you can reel these burglars in.

"It's gonna take help from everyone to try to solve some of these crimes," says Major Gary Sisk, Catoosa County Sheriff's Department.

In the early morning of November 13th, it didn't matter that this convenience store was closed and these thugs didn't have to be master locksmiths, either.

It was a decidedly low-tech method they employed to break into the mega star on Mack Smith Road  they threw a rock through the front glass.

'This particular type of crime, we've had three in Catoosa County in the last four months.  And I know they've been happening in Walker County and Hamilton County, as well," says Sisk.

Caught on video, the suspect looks to be a black man, wearing a blue jacket and black toboggan.

The other half of this dishonest duo, a white man, managed to avoid security cameras getting a clear view.

They went for cigarettes, lighters and beer, about $2,000 worth.

"They knew where they were going and what they were looking for.  They didn't hesitate," says Sisk.

They didn't stay long. Is there anything familiar about this face?

"Maybe they don't know the person, but they could call in and say, 'Hey, I've seen that person here.  He frequents this store or he, you know, comes here and has a cup of coffee sometimes in the mornings.  He looks like that particular person," says Sisk.

This guy could face 1 to 10 year in prison.  Help get him behind bars and put up to a thousand dollars in your pocket.  

"Here toward the end of the year, you're getting into the holidays, with the economy bad like it is, a lot of people are struggling and, unfortunately, a number of them turn to crime," says Sisk.

Free cash would be nice for the holidays.

If you have any information, as always, no one, not even the police will ever know your identity.