CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  -- The Red Cross is still helping families trying to dry out from this week's heavy rain.

Wednesday morning, volunteers did their part to help some families in the Orchard Knob neighborhood.

One resident says this isn't the first time their property has flooded and it probably won't be their last. 

Malissa Guy's property floods every time heavy rain passes through the Tennessee Valley.

"First the school will flood and then the backyard will flood and eventually this whole area is gone," says Guy.  

The rain on Monday flooded her yard and ruined her lawn mower but it has been worse.

"The central heat and air unit, it's been gone twice and they're pretty expensive," Guy says.  

The Guys have spent thousands of dollars making repairs but with the holidays around the corner money is tight.

"Our plans are pretty much down the drain but we'll get it together," Guy says. 

However, they have had a little help.

"Well, that's what we're here for," says John Hitchens, the Emergency Service Director at the American Red Cross.

When it rains Hitchens and his volunteers carefully monitor the creeks and rivers. He says Orchard Knob just happens to be one of the first places to flood.

"This was a type of flooding that it rose enough to cause problems but it didn't rise enough to be declared a disaster area," Hitchens says. "This morning the Red Cross volunteers went out with comfort kits and clean up kits, just some things to help the homeowners clean up and put things back to normal."

"This is the first time we've actually got anything so I was happy to see cleaning supplies," Guy says.

However, she knows this won't be the last time her property and home will flood.

"Soon as school is out this year we're moving because we can't keep doing this," says Guy.

The American Red Cross encourages anyone who may need help to contact them right away. However, they're also in need of more volunteers and donations to continue helping families like the Guys.