CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  -- Business owners will go to great lengths to lure in customers.  This holiday season one Chattanooga man is literally living in his store so he won't miss a sale.   

Phillip Clark fulfilled a lifelong dream when he opened his consignment store two years ago.  Surviving a recession has been hard and shoppers typical flock to big box store for the holidays which means Clark's sales go down.

This year Clark is sleeping at his store through Thanksgiving and his birthday.  He says it's all in an effort to get the customer's attention.

"I just love anything from the 1800's," the store owner says while looking at one of his trinkets.     

For Clark the story behind the find is half the fun. 

"I love the stories that come along with every item that walks through the door," he says. 

Clark and his wife left the corporate world two years ago to open a consignment store.

"When you work for yourself you make less money and you work harder, but there's a reward at the end of the day," he says. 

The couple's passion for the business they named Speckled Egg is easy to see.

Clark is determined to do whatever it takes to see his business succeed.  This year that means calling the store home.

"I sleep on the floor every night," he says. 

Clark's sales typically drop during the holidays, so he came up with a different way to draw attention.

"I started thinking about how I could get people to come in and recognize the store," he says.  "That's when I had the idea."   

For nine days Clark hasn't left his store. 

"I want to make this business profitable," he says.  "I'm not going to let it fail." 

So far Clark's stunt is working; sales are already double what they were this time last year.  Clark locks the shop at night, but if a customer shows up to shop he's ready.

"A woman came in at 1:00 A.M.," he says.  "I opened the door and sold her a dress." 

He's calling the campaign "Refuse To Lose".  His goal is to sell everything in the store by the end of the year just to make a profit, and keep the American dream alive.

"I do want to be home by Christmas," he says with a laugh.  "But if it's not gone I'll be here."

Clark says he's dropping prices to make a sale, he just wants to profit on what he already has before he buys more.