HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB)- The southside of Chattanooga saw its share of flooding problems Monday, including South Hickory Street.

It was there Monday afternoon a driver tried to make her way around the road closed signs and got stuck.

At one point, parts of Rossville Boulevard had two lanes closed due to water. A car lot turned into a lake.

Everywhere you look people are doing their best to stay dry, as water bubbles up out of the ground and the rain continues to fall.

Unfortunately, Charlotte Shipley and Terry Cleek got a little wetter than they wanted.

"She thought she could come this way and she seen all that water and she thought that she could go around it. And she forgot that there was a big ditch over there on the right. And that's when it was too late. We done got stuck," says Cleek.

"This is the first time I ever tried anything like this and I will never try it again," says Shipley.

Charlotte thought she could make it around the signs and did not realize there was a ditch because it was covered by several feet of water.

The water started rushing into the cab of the truck. They were stuck.

"Sometimes you think you can take a chance and get by and sometimes it just don't work all the time," says Cleek.

"But I was stupid and didn't do what I have always done before. Turn around!" says Shipley.

With a big chain and help from a friend, they were able to get the truck out. 

It was a little wet, but still running.

"You kind of live and learn with things like this, but you ought to be smart enough, we ought have known better to begin with," says Cleek.

"I'd advise anybody, do not try it through any kind of water," says Shipley.

Bottom line, if you have to get out, be safe, take your time and obey all road closed signs.