HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)--  An explosion rocked a neighborhood in Dallas Bay Saturday night and investigators say a meth lab caused it.  It happened at 8532 Dallas Oak Drive around 7:00 p.m.

When firefighters arrived they found fire and smoke coming from the garage, and the residents fleeing the scene. 

"It was a warm night and we were all out," says neighbor, Connie Large.  "Some of my neighbors were putting up Christmas decorations and I was cleaning my car." 

Connie Large has lived in her neighborhood for six years, and as long as she's lived on Dallas Oak Drive so have the people down the street.  

"We've had problems with traffic coming up and down the road," she says.  "There's always a lot of people coming and going." 

Large says she wasn't surprised when police and fire trucks invaded her street Saturday night.   

"My husband came upstairs and said there was a loud explosion and police and fire trucks were down there," she says.   

Another neighbor called 911 and reported an explosion in the garage.  When fire crews arrived they found fire and smoke inside.

"When they opened the garage door black smoke came pouring out," Large says.   

Crews quickly put out the fire and damages to the home were minor, but deputies had to chase down the residents.

"They all sped out of here," Large says. 

The residents were detained and 40-year-old Steven Christopher Brannan was later arrested.  He's charged with selling, manufacturing and possession of methamphetamine.   

"We knew exactly what it was because there's been problems before," Large says.   

The neighbor says she's just glad the explosion didn't hurt anyone, and she hopes this will put an end to illegal activity on her street.   

"We're hoping this means we can have our neighborhood back," Large says.