CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB-TV)-- Some extreme Black Friday shoppers say if you're not mapping out your plan until Thanksgiving, you're late in the game. Several have been camping outside of Best Buy all week to be the first ones through the doors.

It's all about the deals. About a dozen people have been camping out at the Best Buy on Gunbarrel since Monday. That means through the rain and cold, but they say they're glad to be in the home stretch, and it will all be worth it once they save big money on the items they want.

"Dreadful. I'm impatient. It's cold. The floor is hard. Bad back. It's worth it for the TV and the game system," Nicholas Kilgore said.

Saving hundreds on TV's, Wii's, blue ray players and laptops is the plan of attack once the clock strikes midnight Black Friday.

"I have kids I have to provide Christmas presents for, so that's great deals," Eric Johnson said.

"A sharp, 42 inch for$ 200 bucks. I mean, yeah, that's huge," David Caldwell said.

It may be not be their ideal Thanksgiving.

"It's really tight," Johnson said, "family is going to bring some thanksgiving food out here at we're going to eat out here and stick it out til midnight."

These bargain hunters did come prepared.

"When it's closed I can run my generator, run my heater, Xbox, TV. Just the main things," Caldwell said.

"We obviously had to tarp up our tents," Brandon Newman said.

"I'm bundled up. Six pairs of pants and three shirts," Kilgore said.

Their working to make it a memorable Christmas for their kids.

"She knows I'm out here roughing it for her," Amanda Martin said.

"It's horrible but it all pays off in the long run once you're doing it for your kids," Johnson said.

Some are shopping for themselves.

"Gifts from me to me," Kilgore said.

They're there for four days and three long nights and are even facing ridicule.

"A couple people roll by here and tell us we're crazy. Tell us we should have jobs and just don't know the circumstances," Johnson said.

But they're hanging in there together, all to save big bucks.

Everybody's nice. It's just like one big family," Martin said.

Best Buy is one of many stores opening midnight with big door buster deals on limited items. Some retailers are even opening late Thanksgiving night. For a list click the "thanksgiving Survival Guide" on our homepage.