COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - Collegedale Police are looking for a thug who has combined his criminal and construction skills. "Perhaps, at this point, you know, several months later, they're thinking that they're free and clear," said Detective Jamie Heath.

Not if we can get your help.

The back door of GNC in the Ooltewah Crossing shopping center has been shored up now, but in June, this a bad guy or bad guys gained entry. They were not interested in that store, though. At least, not initially. They were looking to hit the Cash Advance business next door. Whomever committed this crime took the extraordinary step of tearing a hole through the wall from GNC into Cash Advance. There, they disabled the alarm and looked for a little cash.

"There were signs of rummaging in the Cash Advance," Detective Heath said, "in their drawers, in their file cabinets. But, no significant amount of money, if at all, was taken from the Cash Advance."

The repairs probably cost these businesses more than he got away with. The detective continued, "After knocking the holes through the Cash Advance and not finding too much there, they returned, I'm assuming they returned to the GNC and they began drilling into the safe. They were able to make their way into the safe and make out with some money from there."

There is not much for you to work with on this case, no good surveillance video, but if someone you know has been bragging about a crazy crime like this, we have cash waiting that could make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Call 698-3333 with your tip. No one, not even the police will ever know it was you who provided the tip. If it is a good one, up to a thousand dollars may be deposited in your hands.