DUNLAP, SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A second suspect is behind bars in a theft ring that spans two counties.

Detectives believe Gary Kilgore and Garrett Tate are two members of a group that is hitting up homes for antiques in Bledsoe and Sequatchie counties.

"A lot of this stuff is real old," said Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock.

What looks like an antique road show inside the Sequatchie County Justice Center, is evidence linked to several residential robberies.

"It's been collected up to possibly be taken somewhere for resale," said Detective Ricky Seals with the Bledsoe County Sheriff's Office.

Residents along the Bledsoe and Sequatchie County line have reported more than two dozen robberies in the last two weeks.

Friday night, Detective Ricky Seals spotted a suspicious vehicle in the area.

"It was pulling a homemade trailer, it was loaded down with plows, older looking stuff," Seals described.

Seals attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver kept going. After a short police pursuit, the driver got away on foot.

Information in his truck led investigators to his home, and all the stolen antiques.

Investigators are not releasing the man's name, because they say there are more arrests to be made.

"When we get one, it leads to two, three, four," said Hitchcock, "because there's no honor among thieves."

In the meantime, robbery victims like George Hamilton take a look at the recovered items.

"It doesn't look familiar," said Hamilton, looking at the table of stolen items. Unfortunately,  $40,000 in items belonging to his relatives are still missing.

"It's something that they worked hard for, you know, it was their stuff, it may be something we inherited, but it was theirs, they worked hard for it," said Hamilton, disappointed.

Sheriff Hitchcock hopes the owners of the recovered items will come forward.

"If you see something that you've been missing, just come by, we'll let you look at it," said Hitchcock, "if you can identify it and prove it's yours, we'll be glad to return it to you."