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UPDATE: Dade County woman recovering after fall from cliff

DADE COUNTY, GEORGIA (WRCB)  --  A Dade County woman may still be lying at the bottom of a cliff if not for two dogs.   

Officials say 50-year-old, Lynn White, fell off a 40 foot cliff when she went to watch the sunset in a wooded area off Reed Road. 

"She likes nature," says White's son, Eli Shields.  "She likes walking in the woods and the view back there is spectacular."   

White left her home around 4:00 p.m. Monday to walk the trail behind her home.

"We waited until dark and she never came home," Shields says. 

Shields and his fiancee, Cara Broom, went to looking for White two hours after she went missing, when the pair couldn't find her they knew something happened.

"She's never gone longer than 45 minutes," says Broom.  "We were really concerned." 

They called 911, and soon 30 rescue volunteers filled their driveway.  The volunteers formed three teams and began searching.  New Home Fire Chief, Tom Tamburello, took a search dog with his team.   

"If not for the dogs we probably wouldn't have located her so quickly," Tamburello says. 

Two hours later Tamburello found White at the bottom of the cliff.  She'd slipped on wet leaves and loose rock.

After the fall her dog, Jake, who always goes walking with her found his way down the cliff and stayed by her side.

"Our dog located her dog," Tamburello says.  "When they got together they ran to bluff's edge where she went off."   

Hours later search crews brought White out of the woods, and an ambulance whisked her away to Erlanger.  

"Thank you for everyone that helped us get her out," Broom says.  "We really appreciate it." 

White's injuries are serious, she's stable but still in ICU.  White broke every rib in her body and her son says she may have a punctured lung.  She also injured her spine, but is able to move her legs. 

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