CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)— A six month investigation by the Chattanooga Police Department leaves five suspects charged in a string of auto-thefts.

Sergeant Jerri Weary says the investigation began after several broken down vehicles were stolen from the roadside.

Weary says police arrested 31-year-old Marvin Wright, 32-year-old Harmon Grimes, 28-year-old Amanda Wright, 25-year-old Carolyn Wright and 24-year-old Summer Campbell after two of them were seen taking a car off the East Brainerd Road exit in October.

One of the suspects admitted to the thefts, and told police the vehicles were taken to a scrap yard to be crushed after the valuables were removed.

Weary says police have been working with area scrap yards to try and prevent any future crushing of vehicles taken illegally.