HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB)- As a part of her birthday wish, a 97-year-old Chattanooga woman went soaring through the air on the Zip line course at Ruby Falls.

Ninety-Seven year-old Theresa Richards is quite a firecracker! Her family says once she puts her mind to something, she's determined to do it.

Her Zip line adventure is proof she is not going to let anything slow her down.

At just 4 foot 2 and 79 pounds, 97-year-old Theresa Richards is all strapped in and ready go.

With family and friends looking on she takes the daring 300 foot ride down the Zip line.

"I'd like to go back," she proclaimed after making the trip.

Back on the ground with a souvenir T-shirt, Theresa is still ready to go.

"Oh it was marvelous! I'd do that again!"

Still, the ride of her life? No big deal.

"I've rode in cars faster than that," says Richards.

She also seemed to be a little distracted by her instructor. When asked if he helped her out a lot, she answers, "I think he's going to be my boyfriend."

"She said she'd never been in an airplane, never been in a helicopter and she wanted to just fly through the woods. So I said, 'Ok. We'll do it,'" says Kim Sendele, Theresa's granddaughter.

Kim says she is inspired by her grandmother's spirit.

Full of spunk, she is a comedian too, saying she originally want to jump out of a plane with George Bush Senior for her birthday.

"I wanted to do that with him. But he's a Republican and I'm a Democrat and I was afraid maybe he'd push me out!"

"She's just, she's a wonderful person and I love her dearly. And I'm just fortunate to have her around all this time and I've made her happy and that's all that matters everyday to wake up and make her happy. It's special," says Sendele.

"I'm going to do it every year until I'm one hundred," says Richards.

But until then, she will have to hold on to the memories of her original ride.

Workers at the Ruby Falls Zip Stream Aerial Adventure say Theresa is the oldest person to conquer the 300 foot Zip line. A very big accomplishment, indeed!