CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – One person is in custody in connection with a shooting early Sunday morning.     

Police found Corey Ball in Ringgold, Georgia.  He's at the Catoosa County Jail awaiting extradition to Tennessee.

Police are still looking for the second suspect accused of shooting Johnny Tripp multiple times.

It happened just after midnight Sunday on East 49th Street. Tripp managed to tell police he knew the men who shot him in the chest and thighs.

Tripp was taken to the hospital, where family members say he went straight into surgery.  He is listed in critical condition.

Paula Thompson is Tripp's sister. the shooting happened at her home. 

Thompson says twenty minutes before the shooting her brother and the suspects were sitting at her kitchen table talking. 

"I can't even come outside," she says frantically.  "I don't even know how to protect my grandchildren anymore. I just want to move."   

Sunday afternoon Thompson is just home from the hospital.   

"He's not good," she says through tears.  "My brother is not good at all; he will have to go back into surgery." 

When Chattanooga Police arrived, they found Tripp inside Thompson's home suffering from three bullet wounds.

Thompson says the two suspects first came to her house sometime after 10:00 p.m.  She says something about them immediately made her uneasy.

"I asked Johnny to take care of that," she says.  "I said can you please have your friends leave." 

The trio went outside, and Thompson was putting her grandchildren to bed when she heard gunshots.

"My brother fell in my door, on the floor," she says.  "His blood was everywhere."   

Thompson called 911, police and EMS arrived within minutes.  Before paramedics loaded the victim into the ambulance he gave police a description.

"He was able to describe to the officers who shot him," Thompson says.  "He was going in and out." 

Thompson says her brother used to keep bad company, but changed his life 10 years ago.   

She says he went to Chattanooga State, and got a good job.  Thompson doesn't know why the suspects came to her home or shot her brother.

"Shootings happen every day out here," she says.  "I never imagined it would happen in my home."

Chattanooga Police say the suspects fled the scene in a black Cavalier. 

 It is believed that the shooting is the result of a robbery.