CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A Chattanooga Public Works employee turned the tables on a pair of  suspects, who attempted to rob him Thursday morning.

Calvin McGhee told police he was leaving a home on Drummond Drive, when the two armed men approached him. That's when the victim says he pulled out his own gun and fired.

Police believe at least one suspect was hit, and say McGhee will not face charges.

"He did what he had to do, self defense. He was presented with somebody with some hand guns, in my opinion he did what he can do to protect himself," says Sergeant Scott Bales.

For years, Chattanooga Public Works employee Calvin McGhee has left for work just after sunrise. There was never a problem until Thursday morning.

Sergeant Bales says if he didn't fight back there's no telling how many more mornings McGhee would see.

The two suspects who walked up to Calvin with guns drawn, took off running after he fired a couple rounds. Officers believe one of the suspects was hit.

Eyewitnesses say the suspects fled through backyards on Sanford Avenue.

Those who know Calvin say he had to have been a random target.

"It was shocking when I first heard. It's unusual, with Calvin, he don't have no enemies. Calvin is a real good guy, he don't cause no problems or conflict at all," says coworker, Alonzo Strickland.

Police say a man who fit the suspects description was dropped off at a local hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the stomach. He hasn't given police any information, but they're currently reviewing the hospital surveillance video, and tracking down leads on the second suspect.

Meanwhile, neighbors are still dealing with shock. Terne Dodds left for work an hour before it all went down.

"Everybody knows everybody in this neighborhood. We don't have anything like that. Everybody is close and conversates with each other. It's unusual," says Dodds.