ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) -- It's been nearly a year since Robin Brown dealt with a frightful incident at Wal-mart off Brainerd Road.

She was hit in the face with a jar of queso causing severe damage to her nose and cheek bones.

Wednesday she shares the dramatic recovery only with Channel Three.

"I'm glad the outside looks better than what it did," she says, "But I will have permanent damage to live with the rest of my life."

Brown was taken to a hospital with severe facial injuries. 

"They said all of the bones in my left cheek were crushed," she says.

It took several surgeries and thousands of dollars in hospital costs, but now Brown has a repaired face and a new set of issues.

She says since January it's been hard to grocery shop, in fact, two weeks ago was her first trip down a food aisle.

Though surgery was successful she says anxiety still takes a toll.

"I still have panic attacks from it because it was so dramatic when it happened," Brown says.

Police arrested Timothy Keith for aggravated assault and was most recently arrested in July for gun charges.

Keith was aiming for someone else when Brown caught the impact of the jar.

She doesn't remember much from that day except pleading for her life.

"I begged my sister-in-law and told her I didn't want to die. That was the only thing I could remember telling her was I don't want to die," Brown says.

Brown says she's had little communication with Wal-mart since the incident, but thinks adding more security is a solution.

She says there was a lack of help when she was hit and hopes others won't be as unfortunate. 

"I think they should and any place like that should have security," she says. "When you're in public you never know what is going to happen."

"This is an unfortunate situation and our thoughts are with Ms. Brown as she recovers," says statement from Wal-mart. "We are committed to the safety and security of our customers and associates, and every store puts a lot of focus on its security and crime prevention measures. We constantly evaluate these measures to help ensure a safe shopping and working environment."

Brown says she has hired a lawyer and may seek a civil suit.

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