CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - "Occupy Chattanooga" protestors spoke to Chattanooga City Council again Tuesday night, this time saying they feel the city's support is dwindling.

Protestors have spent the last week on the Hamilton County Courthouse lawn.

Before that, they were setup near City Hall.

They say while the city did provide sanitary solutions for them, that's where their support stops.

The group asked for its own space to protest but was denied.

They also say they haven't been given fair time in the council meetings to discuss their issues.

Council did approve putting Occupy on the agenda for next week.

Meanwhile, members of the homeless community say they're the ones being treated unfairly, saying the city is providing more for the protestors than the homeless who have been getting kicked out of those areas for years, and not given the chance to voice their concerns.

Council members did not respond to that complaint.

Occupy protestors say they're also struggling with the county, saying they haven't met with them at all.

Just this weekend, commissioners held a closed door meeting with their attorney to discuss what to do about them now camping on the courthouse lawn.