CHICKAMAUGA, WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB)--Students have formed a memorial in Jordan Queen's parking space.

The Gordon Lee High School junior died Wednesday night on his way home from wrestling practice.

The crash happened on Lee Clarkson Road, less than a mile and a half from the school.

Gordon Lee High School has barely 450 students, so none is a stranger.

Especially a young man, who--friends and principal say--liked everybody and reaped the rewards of treating people well.

Between classes, and during lunch break, Jordan Queen's friends gather in the space where he parked his pickup at Gordon Lee High School in Chickamauga.

All, bowed in prayerful silence.

"We haven't done hardly anything at all today," freshman Reagan Brown says. "We sat in the gym practically all morning. He was just the guy who, if you saw him in the hallway, or saw him going down the road--he always said 'hey."

Brown is choking back tears. She's known Jordan for almost all of her fourteen years. Losing him now, is losing family.

"A couple of months ago, we found out we were cousins somehow," she says. "We didn't know whether it was true but we liked to believe it was."

"We're a small community," Principal Clay Crowder says. "When one knows, it gets around quick."

The Georgia State Patrol's report is stark; much like the investigators' marks in the roadway. Jordan Queen lost control of his Chevy pickup about 6PM Wednesday, in a curve of Lee Clarkson Road near the Gordon Lee Farms. He over-corrected, and struck a tree.

He was on his way home from wrestling practice.

"We just tried to heal and help the students out, and do anything we can," Crowder says.

Help included opening up the school auditorium Wednesday night, so his friends could gather there, rather than at the crash site.

"I was at the hospital with the family, and some really close friends," Reagan says. "But when I found out everybody was coming over here, I just felt I had to be here, that it was something I had to do."

The high school begins Thursday morning with flags lowered to half-staff; for the junior with the megawatt smile

"A never-got-in-trouble did anything-you-asked-type kid," Crowder says.

Gone at 17.

His parents, Gerald and Susanne Queen, and younger brother, Braden will receive friends from 4-8PM Friday and Saturday at Heritage Funeral Home in Fort Oglethorpe.

Services will be at 2PM Sunday at First Baptist Church of Lafayette.

"Everybody's there for them," Reagan says. "And everybody, we all know that Jordan knew we loved him."