EAST RIDGE, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- An East Ridge couple is ruffling through debris, as a teen recovers from crashing her car into their home.

East Ridge police are investigating what caused the 17-year-old girl to go barreling into the Connelly Lane home, on Tuesday.

She is recovering with non-life threatening injuries. While the home owners, thankful not to be injured, are assessing the damage left behind.

Channel 3 was on the scene as Paul and Dolly Leveille stood in disbelief of what had just happened.

In the light of day, Dolly says they're still in shock.

 "It actually went into our bedroom," says Dolly Leveille. "Bowed into there and we have a bathroom that we just remodeled further down the wall and it's bowed that in too."

The Leveilles are lucky they are not to have been hurt. Paul was standing on the deck, just a few feet away.

The 17-year-old girl who drove a Chevy Cobalt into their home, not as lucky.

She was trapped inside, had to be pulled out by emergency responders and taken to the hospital.

Police say she was going around 60 miles per hour when she hit.

"It happened too fast," says Andy Nall, who witness the crash.

Nall was driving on Connelly Lane when it all went down.

"She was coming this way and it looked like she was just speeding up to get over in front of me," says Nall. "That close to hitting us."

Police are investigating why she took off into the home.

On the girl's public facebook page, she says she had a seizure. Saying "I was unconscious before I hit the house."

"By the hand of god she's still alive," says Nall.

She also posted "finally out of the hospital; super sore."

Meanwhile, the Leveille's insurance company came out today to assess the damage and see if their foundation is stable.

"Most of this stuff was actually sitting on this wall. Now it's over there," says Leveille.

Strangely enough, saying their neighbor's home has been hit a few times because it also sits in the middle of this curve but never thinking this would happen to them.

The East Ridge police department wouldn't confirm if the girl did have a seizure, saying they are still investigating.

They say charges are pending, but wouldn't comment on what charges could be filed.

She was released from the hospital on Wednesday.