CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A measure underway to put our veterans back to work. So many men and women who risked their lives are now home, and can't find jobs.

In today's economy it's no shock that jobs are hard to come by or even hold on to. The government is taking steps to help unemployed veteran's find work.

One veteran spoke with Channel 3 while taking advantage of the Chattanooga Career Centers open house for unemployed veteran's.

"It's kind of like a 70/30 percent chance that you won't get the job. Back when I got out it was like a 80 percent chance you'd get the job," said Veteran Jonathan Dawson.

Dawson retired from the Air Force in 1991 at 28 years old. Back when he says finding work was easy, especially for veterans.

Dawson said, "they were looking for that stability that you had in the service, that commitment to excellence. That you have a job to do and you'll do that job to the best of your ability."

Again, that was 1991, the economy has changed. Dawson has watched several jobs disappear because of it, hired by contractors who continually lost contracts.

He's not alone; men and women all over the Tennessee Valley who once served our country are finding it hard to collect a steady paycheck. That's where Tom Webster and the Tennessee Career Center comes in.

Webster a veteran himself is a Veteran's Employment Representative. In honor of Veteran's Day they've set up an open house for unemployed veterans.

Webster said, "our focus every week is to service the veterans, find them work or training or whatever they need to find employment."

Webster says the transition back to civilian life can be frustrating. He suggests taking any job until you find "the job".

Meanwhile Dawson stressed that unemployed veterans, like himself, need to use the help offered.

"You have the right to go get as much help as you can. Don't sit there feeling sorry for yourself. Take advantage of every last one of them," said Dawson.

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