CHATTANGOOA (WRCB) -- CITY COUNCIL voted, Tuesday, TO KEEP THE Weed and Seed PROGRAM RUNNING by funding $20,000.

"What $20,000 buys is help paying the rent, buying supplies--that type thing," says James Moreland, director for East Chattanooga Improvement Incorporated. ECIC was Weed & Seed's predecessor, and now successor.

"I'm hopeful that $20,000 is only a start," City Council member Russell Gilbert says. "I think we have to look at the overall picture of the whole entire city and maybe look at what we could put into it."

The program works to weed out crime, and plant seeds of positive growth in cCattanooga.

It was supposed to disperse a million dollars over five years, but funding stopped after four.

Weed & Seed's federal dollars also brought job training for those living in target neighbors.

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