TIFTONIA, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A family is now getting to a normal life more than six month after the storms destroyed their home, all thanks to neighbors who didn't really know them that well.

The Brooms spent nearly six months apart only seeing each other on weekends.

They didn't have any place go until a neighbor stepped in to help.

Larry Broom shows Channel 3 the barren field that used to be his home.

He lost it all in April and so did most of his neighborhood.

Broom said, "There was as tree that fell over and it stopped and just missed my head."

A picture shows the place he called home for the last 40 years.

It took 20 seconds for the storm to rip the roof and create a debris field of memories.

"It was my family stuff, her family stuff," he said. "Fifty years of stuff lost in this house."

With nowhere to stay and not much to salvage, Larry and his wife, Sue, didn't have many options for shelter.

A neighbor they barely knew, Tuti Harris, opened her doors.

Sue Broom said, "It's hard when you don't have a home, but she made us feel like home every day."

Sue lived in a small basement room for nearly six months. Larry lived in Ootlewah and would visit on the weekends.

"It is the toughest 5 months and 10 days of my life," he said. "It is the strongest we have ever been as well."

Sue said, "I didn't have him to talk to about the situations. When I would go home. It was Jamie and Tuti."

After a half year of searching and saving the Broom's have a new home.

The Broom's say that day something in the air had to open hearts.

Sue Broom said, "It is a new chapter in life and we are thoroughly enjoying it."

The couple are still moving into the new home, it hasn't' been 30 days yet.

The Brooms' say the one requirement they had when searching for a new house was simple, there couldn't be large trees in the yard.