MURPHY, CHEROKEE COUNTY, NC. (WRCB)  --  The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office says the body of a missing man has been discovered.

Cherokee County Sheriff Keith Lovin says the body of John Brian Newton was found Friday afternoon around 1 p.m. Family members tell Channel 3 Eyewitness News that Newton's body was found in a "dynamite hole" near Valley River.

Newton had not been seen since Tuesday, however his family members believe investigators could have done more to find him.

"We just can't understand why everybody else is just taking it so softly, like it doesn't matter," says Jody Newton, Newton's aunt. "He matters! He's a human life. I mean he was a part of the family."

The Sheriff's Office did not immediately release the manner of Newton's death and had reported him missing person on Tuesday.

Newton says her nephew's home was broken into. His gun collection and computer were stolen; however, the cane that he used to walk was still there.

"I believe he got 'the you know what' beat out of him and they stole his stuff and then left," Newton says.

Newton adds, blood and brain tissue was found at the home, and the back door was broken into.

Sheriff Lovin would only confirm, blood was found outside the home. 

"It's very suspicious in nature and we're still processing a crime scene," says Sheriff Lovin.

Investigators do believe foul play is involved.