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Prosecutors warn of sending chickenpox by mail

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A federalprosecutor is warning parents not to try a new scheme for dodging vaccines:sending items infected with chickenpox through the mail.

Jerry Martin, the U.S. attorney inNashville, pointed out it's illegal and unsafe to mail contagious items.  Martin told The Associated Press he decided tospeak out after WSMV-TV interviewed him about virus exchanges in Tennessee.

Parents trying to expose children tochickenpox are using social media sites like Facebook to find sources of thevirus. WSMV-TV reported a Nashville woman was charging $50 to overnightlollipops she claimed were sucked on by children infected with the virus ( ).

Isaac Thomsen, a pediatric infectiousdisease specialist at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, said such items likelywouldn't transmit chicken pox but could cause more dangerous infections, includinghepatitis.


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