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Many places filling seasonal jobs, good start towards long-term

HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- It's that time of year when retailers go on hiring sprees. It's really a great time of year for job hunting. 

Up to 600,000 retail jobs are up for grabs nation-wide this year as the holiday season approaches.

While they may start out as temporary positions, employers say that's the best way to get your foot in the door for a full-time position.

"There are many businesses hiring at this moment," says Angelica.

She looking to buy her first car, knows applying is the first step on the road to a paycheck. 

Just ask Meagan Lewis, she started this week out unemployed and now she's working full-time at the Hixson Target.

"I came in the next morning for my interview and I was hired on the spot," says Lewis.

Fresh into the job market, she worried she'd struggle to find work in this tough economy.

"I was very surprised. it can take people months and months and months to find work so I expected the same thing coming out of college," says Lewis.

Target is one of the country's major holiday employers. 

 "In order to meet our business needs of the holidays, we do need more team members in all areas of the store," says Ashley Maye, with human resources at Target in Hixson.

Looking over online job boards, you see a long list of places looking for holiday workers in our area. Among them Toys R Us, Sears, and Amazon.

"In addition to calling people who have applied online and at our kiosk in stores, we're also conducting instant interviews," says Maye.

Saying now is the time to strike. They've got to get new hires trained in time to take on the Black Friday rush.

Many also saying their performance over the next two months could determine if it turns into something more. 

"There's always the opportunity for seasonal hires if they find a good fit/ for them to continue on with us permanently," says Maye.

 Target reports keeping almost half of its seasonal work-force, after the holidays, each year.

With today's ongoing high unemployment, analysts say you can expect stiff competition for those retail jobs. They say applying in person is the best way to go.

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