CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- High school girls from all over the state have converged in Chattanooga for the girls' soccer state tournament, and that's good news for the Scenic City's economy.

The TSSAA girls soccer tournament doesn't bring in record setting numbers, but for the Greater Chattanooga Sports and Events Committee, events like this are their lifeline and it's the perfect time of year to showcase the Scenic City.

Committee Director Scott Smith says, "in November when tourism starts slowing down, it's great to have something like this over a four day period."

The fall colors are peaking and the sun still offers a little warmth.

For those teams making their first trip to Chattanooga, they're learning exactly why it's been dubbed the Scenic City. 

Wednesday marked the start of Chattanooga's 15th straight TSSAA Girls Soccer State Tournament. It's expected to bring in more than $200,000.

Not the year's biggest event, but Smith says it's just as important, "every little event adds up over time. Every event can't be a million dollars. These $200,000 to $400,000 events are the life blood for every given year."

The past two years the Greater Chattanooga Sports and Events Committee has brought in record setting numbers.

Smith expects the same if not better this year. He says they're doing just fine since losing the bid to the NCAA FCS national championship game.

"The title game was great for our community, but it did not make or break us," Smith adds.

The title game was a one day affair. Events like this weekend's soccer tournament last four days, and families, win or lose plan, to get the full Chattanooga experience.

Ravenwood soccer mom Sharon Childress says, "I think our girls will go to Lookout Mountain, and the aquarium, we'll eat somewhere. Yeah we'll stay a while."

More parents like Jeff Rothenberger from outside Nashville agreed, "We do come back to Chattanooga occasionally and enjoy what you have to offer here."

A handful of local teams are competing, the early rounds are at Chattanooga Christian and Baylor.

The championship games will be at GPS on Saturday.