MARION COUNTY, TN (WRCB)  --  Randy Troy is accused of by homeowners of taking off with their money, halfway through the construction work they hired him to do.

His landlord accused him of running off without paying rent, and pawning items he stole.

Channel 3 discovered Troy was a fugitive from justice in Utah.

Randy Troy is no longer on the run, he's in the Marion County Jail.

For dozens of people across the Tennessee Valley, this is the news they've been waiting on for weeks, months and even years. 

Martha Barnes considers herself just one of many who fell for Randy Waylon Troy's smooth talk.

"He was just as nice as he could be. 'Don't worry about it, we'll get it done, we'll get it fixed.' Don't jip people like that," said Barnes.

Last October she found Troy, of Troy's Construction, on Craigslist after she went searching for an electrician. Her power was out and being a patient on oxygen, Barnes desperately needed help and a good price. However, what she found was more than she had bargained for.

"It looks like I got screwed," said Barnes.  

Barnes had her insurance write out a check for nearly $800, but when it came time to work Troy was gone and so was her money.

"When I called the phone had been disconnected, couldn't find him nowhere," Barnes said. "I mean it hurt cause I thought I could trust him and I needed my electricity fixed."

What Barnes didn't know was that officers across the state were searching for Troy. On Friday, U.S. Marshals and Marion County Deputies found him.

"He'd been living in a camper out there," said Marion County Sheriff Ronnie Burnett.

According to investigators, Troy had set up camp at the TVA campsite near the Nickajack Dam. However, officers would not comment about how long they believe he had been living outdoors.

"The man deserves everything he gets. I do not feel sorry for him," Barnes said.

Sheriff Burnett said Troy has been wanted out of Marion County since 2003.

The Sheriff says they identified Troy during a routine traffic stop near the Nickajack Dam.

He now faces of laundry list of charges that include forgery, writing bad checks and theft. However, he's also wanted out of several other counties in the Tennessee valley.

"He's got a lot of charges to face and when he gets through here in Tennessee he's got to go Georgia, then he's got to go to Utah so I can't see him being out on the street for a long time," Burnett said.  

He's being held in Marion County under a $35,000 bond.