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Georgia militia members arrested in suspected terror plot

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Four members of a Georgia militia group are under arrest following a five-month undercover investigation.

Federal officials say they were planning to attack government buildings with guns and explosives.

They say the men also were plotting to use the deadly toxin ricin in another attack, targeting a number of cities, including Atlanta. 

"While just about everybody is focused on international terrorism, on those outside of our country that are violent extremists, we have folks within our own borders who are also very dangerous. And who want to do their fellow citizens and their own government harm," says Sally Yates, US Attorney. "And the joint terrorism task force was on top of that, and thankfully was able to foil these plots before anything bad could happen."

The four suspects range in age from 65 to 73 years-old.

They face charges of conspiracy to receive unregistered firearms and attempting to produce a biological agent.

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