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Graysville woman stabbed multiple times after Halloween party

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GRAYSVILLE, RHEA COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)  --  Nothing happens in Graysville according to many local residents. That statement stood mostly true until Halloween night.

"We've got our fair share of problems as do all towns but this kind of violence is just something that we don't have very often," said Police Chief Thomas Mahoney.  

On Monday night, Mahoney said his officers were called to a residence in the 100 block of Burnett St. He said the caller was a woman named Amanda Estep, who told officers she had been stabbed multiple times after getting in a fight with another woman.

Investigators later determined that other woman was Brittany Sherill, 22, of Graysville. 

"She was bleeding from the neck and chest from four stab wounds," Mahoney said.

"Mandy is a pretty good girl. She actually didn't deserve that, not to be stabbed with no knife," said one neighbor.

"I'm stuck on that, I can't imagine what they'd be fighting over," said another.

Neighbors Eric and George said they witnessed the entire fight. They said a group of people were at Amanda's boyfriend's home for a Halloween party Monday night. 

"Brittany come here to jump on another girl," George said. 

However, she was quickly told to leave by Estep's boyfriend.

"She slapped the man of the house and {Estep} took it in her own hands." said Eric.  

Witnesses say Estep stepped up to defend her boyfriend but the fight turned violent when Sherill pulled out a knife and attacked.

Investigators said Estep was stabbed once in the jugular, twice in the chest, and once in the hand. She was rushed to Erlanger Medical Center where she remains in stable condition.

Sherill was charged with aggravated assault but detectives are working with the District Attorney's office to possibly raise that charge to attempted first degree murder.

She remains in custody at the Rhea County Jail. Channel 3 learned Sherill's one-year-old daughter is staying with her mom in Graysville.

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