CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Losing a loved one to murder is hard for any family, but when the suspects are still out there it's impossible to move on. 

It was just before 2 am the morning of August 6th, when Danyell Studdard heard a knock at the door.

"They said they're name was man or something and I still didn't know or recognize I was like, "I don't know a man who are you hear for?," says Studdard.

Three young black men forced their way inside a Latta Street home.

"That's when they started demanding us to lay down on the floor, shut up don't move," says Studdard.

They ransacked the living room, taking an X-box and phones.

"They started to walk out the door and then one turned around and just shot," says Studdard.

The bullet hit 25-year-old Charles McCaine in the lower back.

"He started to tell me that his body was feeling cold," says Studdard.

McCaine died that night at a hospital and police have been looking for his cold blooded killers ever since.

"I couldn't see their face cause they all had on masks and gloves on," says Studdard.

"We're just hoping that someone in that neighborhood heard something, saw something, anything, any little detail they can come forward with," says Chattanooga Police Detective Alexis Mercado.

Detectives are sure someone in the neighborhood holds the key to solving this crime, and may not even know it.

Even the smallest detail could lead to a break in the case.

Charles McCaine's family is counting on someone to work up the courage to come forward and ease their pain.

"Its been very difficult for the family, they want closure, and we want to provide them closure," says Mercado.

You can Help give the McCaine family the closure they need and put these three bad guys behind bars.  

Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333 if you have any information. Your call is confidential and you could earn up to $1000.