MOWBRAY MOUNTAIN, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)  --  Investigators are sticking by their word, that a horse accidentally killed Mowbray Mountain resident Karen Morton in early October, but her autopsy results show their could be more to the story.

"If these are all injuries that were sustained a single time, that's not a horse," says Harry Hixson.

Hixson is no stranger to horse injuries. As a riding instructor who grew up around horses, he's been kicked, bitten, and trampled. Channel 3 wanted to get his opinion on the injuries Morton apparently sustained from one of her horses.

"That's rare, that would be a wild loco horse is what that would be," he says.

The Medical Examiner's report shows graphic injuries on her left arm and head, which include more cuts as opposed to crushing injuries.

"I don't know, I mean that means the horse would have to kick the person twice real fast, in a short period of time," Hixson explains.

However, Morton's death was caused by multiple blunt force injuries and Hixson says it's hard to believe one horse could do all that.

"It's possible, I guess, that the horse could knock her down and then stomp her," he says.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department would not comment about the details in the report, but did say the investigation is closed.

Hixson, on the other hand, believes the animal did do this, whatever it may be, could still be on the loose. 

"With that many injuries, it would be very far fetched that a horse would do that," says Hixson.