CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- Freeze warnings and frost advisories have been issued for the Tennessee Valley and that could be bad news for outdoor plants.

Most of us will be just above the freezing mark early Friday morning, but we won't be the only ones needing extra-cover; our plants may too.

Gardeners, beware. Frost is on the way and you may need to take extra steps to keep plants alive.

Horticulturalist Craig Walker says the Barn Nursery is closing its greenhouse curtain Thursday night in order to keep tender plants safe and urges others to do the same.

"Anything tender, that you know is tender, take it in or cover it," he says.

He says a sheet, burlap sack or specialty bags can be used for protection.

"This is actually just a bag you put around your plant," Walker says. "Kill it with water and it will protect it down to 20 something degrees."

But he warns, some methods are no match for Mother Nature.

"Plastic in the morning around the first rays of sun, it gets hot," Walker says. "You can actually burn some of the tissue through plastic with delicate plants."

Plants most at risk are delicate like Gardenias and Camillias, or your vegetables.

"Tender vegetables like your tomatoes and peppers, you'll probably want to cover those if you can," he says.

That's why people like Traci Scarborough say they're stocking up on heartier plants as temperatures start to drop.

"I picked pansies and kale and char because it would survive the winter and, you know, be good for frost," says Scarborough.

"If we get a hard freeze, then your annuals, you know, they're going to give up the ghost," says Walker.

The Barn Nursery has a shipment of frost cloths on the way, because usually they count on the week of Halloween for the first frost.

Click here for more on the anticipated frosty forecast, and stay with for updates as they become available.

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