Trenton, GA (WRCB) - Deborah Douglas is the guardian of three students at Dade Elementary School.  She says the kids don't have issues at school, the trouble starts before they get there.

She claims the students' bus driver, Nathan Stone, is mistreating them.

"I could even hear him yelling from my porch, and it is a distance, and kept thinking something is not right here."

Taking matters into her own hands, she looked into his background and found Stone has had run-ins with the law.

In 2,000, he pleaded guilty to felony drug charges for marijuana and methamphetamine possession, and was sentenced to 7seven years probation with thousands in fines.

Douglas says she is concerned because in most states, convicted felons can't work around children.

"It's a matter of safety," Douglas says. "When we let them go, they are in their hands and when we let them go, they are in safety's hands."

Under Dade County School's policy, Stone is actually protected.

The policy states: "The board of education shall not consider any applicant for employment who has been convicted for the second time of any drug offense for a five year period from the most recent date of conviction."

That means Stone couldn't work for the school system until after 2005, which is exactly what happened.

Douglas says even with this information, she feels safer driving her kids to school. 

"That is not our job to do so. So does that mean as parents we have to check someone out every time we meet someone?"

Shawn Tobin, superintendent of Dade County Schools, says he will be looking at video from inside the bus to see if there is indeed a violation.