DALTON, WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Troopers in North Georgia are looking for leads after a driver hit a man on a bicycle and left him for dead.

Tabren Townsend is in a medially induced coma at Erlanger Medical Center. He suffered head trauma, broken ribs, and a bruised liver when a driver hit him Thursday night.

It happened on Waring Road around 8 pm.

Pictures from surveillance cameras show the suspects car from three different vantage points. In the pictures you can see Townsend crossing the street on his bike. That's when a white car is seen coming to a stop and then speeding off.

Investigators say the driver knew he or she had hit someone, but decided to leave the scene.

"He was hit what looks like from behind," said Corporal James Robillard.

Waring Road is a country road without any businesses near by.

Corporal Robillard says the driver had a reason to be there and could live close to the scene. He is hoping and eyewitness will come forward.

"The car, for those who might see it, is going to have front end damage on it equivalent to maybe someone who has hit a deer," he said.

An eyewitnesses tells investigators the car may be a Pontiac, but they aren't sure.

"Maybe there's a body shop guy or a windshield person that has fixed this car or has been contacted to try to repair it," said Robillard, "or maybe there's someone who knows where that vehicle is."

He says Townsend's family is counting on the Georgia State Patrol to put the driver behind bars.

"They have a person who's in the hospital," he said, "they don't know who's caused them this injury."

Investigators are scrounging for leads, even examining Townsend's beat-up bicycle.

"The back tire was broken, the frame is bent," said Robillard, "I took that to the crime lab along with some other evidence today for analysis."

Investigators are working to enhance the surveillance photos in an effort to pick up on any details on the car that could be unique.

If you have any information, call the GSP.