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AFTER THE STORM: Still no repairs to Ringgold motels

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RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB)  --  Life along Old Alabama Road in Ringgold is slowly getting back to normal. Restaurants like the newly renovated Taco Bell give a glimpse into the future, but the motels right next door and across the street tell a different story.

"Its hard for people to put this behind them when they have to look at this everyday," said resident Kimberly Barnes. 

Barnes, who is a nurse, spent the days after the tornado in the ruble with first responders.

"It was just horrific seeing the damage and seeing the devastation," she said.

Now, six months later, she wants those bad memories wiped away along with the debris.

"It's awful, I mean so much of the area is coming back and is shaped up and they're making improvements, then you see these spots and you're just asking why, what's the hold up, what's the delay," Barnes said.  

City records show Naren Patel independently owns and manages a number of motels in the area. Three of them are still buried underneath tornado debris.

According to the city manager, Patel has not applied for a building permit to begin construction on his motels.

"Its time to do something, I mean they need to get on it and clean it up," Barnes said.

Channel 3 contacted Patel. He refused to comment on the state of his motels.  

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