CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Two parents got a big shock when the surprise announcement for a family vacation backfired.

Rina Zeller and her husband wanted to make sure their fall break vacation to Disney was a surprise. So they told the kids they were going to Chattanooga once again.

"The night before we left, we surprised them with the news that we were really going to Florida," Zeller writes.

They sat the children down on the couch, turned the camera on and broke the news to them.

"I thought we'd go to Disney World," Zeller says. She begins listing off the events booked for their vacation in the "happiest place on Earth."

"No." her daughter replies defiantly. "We are going to Chattanooga!"

"Are you kidding me?" Zeller's husband says from behind the camera.

Zeller's daughter breaks down in tears crying her eyes out, "I want to go to Chattanooga! Not Disney!"

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Trying to gain some consensus, Zeller asks her son, "Where would you rather go?"

"Chattanooga," he says bluntly.

Zeller put the surprise reaction on YouTube and shared it with the folks at the Chattanooga Convention and Visitor Bureau.

"I guess we have finally made it," says Keith Wilkinson, Director of Visitor Services with the Chattanooga CVB. "We can replace the ‘I'm going to Disneyworld' slogan with ‘I'm going to Chattanooga!'"