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UPDATED: Kids discover body at Renaissance Park

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CHATTANOGA, TN (WRCB) - After human remains are found in Chattanooga's Renaissance Park, investigators are trying to figure out who the person may be.

Channel 3 was on the scene Monday night after some young boys in Renaissance Park came to their dad with a startling discovery.

"His two sons were playing and discovered a skull," says Sgt. Jerri Weary with Chattanooga Police.

Police immediately started combing the woods and found the rest of the remains believed to be that of a man.

"They do believe it is a male because of items that were found on the body," says Weary.

"It's a family friendly park, so I wouldn't want to have bodies laying around," says park goer Spencer Ward.

Some park goers are un-nerved, especially since investigators say it appears the body had been there for several months.

"I think that it's really crazy because there's people all the time and nobody's smelled anything or heard or seen anything," says Mandi Brock, who comes to the park all the time with her kids.

"The thing that does kind of strike me odd is, if they did die sometime during the summer, normally, certain indicators would let you know that a decomposing body is in the area," says Weary.

Investigators want to stress that the remains were found in an area of the park that's not open to the public.

"It's not an area where people need to be of great concern," says Weary.

One park worker says homeless people have been known to camp out in the area the body was found and police believe that could help them identify the person.

"We've reviewed missing persons files and as of right now haven't come across anything that rings a bell," says Weary.

More answers will come as police continue their investigation.

"We have no reason at this point to believe that this is a homicide. Right now it's just a death investigation until we determine the matter of death," says Weary. 

Now it is a waiting game on what the medical examiner will find.


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