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New details released in Dalton ATM scam

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DALTON, WHITFIELD COUNTY (WRCB) – Police have released new details about an ATM scam in Dalton.

Last week, Dalton Police announced that a device known as a "skimmer" was found attached to an ATM at the Regions Bank on Tibbs Road.

At approximately 6:45 pm last Thursday evening, an Audi sedan pulled up into the drive through ATM and the driver placed the "skimmer" device over the card reader and pulled away. 

Investigators say no details about the driver can be determined from the security camera, as he or she was wearing a hood while driving through. The red or burgundy Audi in this case has a distinctive black tag on the front with some sort of graphic design.  Investigators are hoping that someone will recognize this vehicle and contact the Dalton Police Department.

A skimmer is device designed to get the ATM card information and PIN from an unsuspecting victim using the bank's ATM.

The skimmer was discovered on Friday morning by a bank employee after the device triggered an ATM alarm.  In this case, the device was nearly identical to the card reader on the ATM, only slightly larger and designed to fit over the top of the card reader. 

A small hole in the left side of the device's frame houses a pinhole camera which is aimed to record the keystrokes on the ATM keypad.  A picture of the device is included with this release.

Police are advising anyone who used this ATM between Thursday evening or Friday morning (October 13-14) should monitor their accounts to watch for fraudulent activity.  Report any possible fraud to the bank and the police department. 

Police say this is the only instance of this type of scam in Dalton, but it is being reported in other areas. 

Bank customers should be on the lookout for devices which have been tampered with.  If the card reader appears to be loose or tampered with, notify the bank or police immediately.

Police are asking for anyone with information on the red or burgundy Audi or this crime to contact Detective Ricky Long at 706-278-9085, extension 168. 

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