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UPDATE 2: 2 teens shot on Fagan Street

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB)- Two teens are sprayed with bullets during a drive-by shooting. It happened about 12:30 Sunday morning on Fagan Street. 

Chattanooga Police say the shooter opened fire on a 15 and 17-year-old, hitting the younger one in the neck and leg, the other in the thigh. Both were rushed to an area hospital.

Chattanooga Police say at last check the 15-year-old boy involved in this shooting is in critical condition. And while police are still looking into a motive behind this shooting, those in the community say more needs to be done to stop the violence.

Chattanooga Police say around 12:30 Sunday morning two teens, a 15-year-old and 17-year-old, were in front of this duplex on Fagan Street when all of the sudden someone pulled up in a van and opened fire.

The 15-year-old was hit in the neck and leg the 17-year-old in the thigh.

Those who live in the building are still shaken by what happened.

"My initial reaction to something like that, it saddens me," says Luther Bibbs.

Bibbs has lived in Chattanooga for more than 30 years and attends his brother's church which sits about two blocks away from where the shooting occurred.

He says the violence is unnecessary and more needs to be done at home.

"Where are the kids, where are the parents? What are the parents doing at home with these kids?"

"Being the pastor in this area it brings a sense of urgency and wanting something done," says pastor Gregory Bibbs.

He agrees with his brother and says shootings like this one show there is a need for outreach in the community.

"It's really important that we as a church try to get out in the community and give them something constructive," says Gregory.

"My thing is, the community along with the churches, have to pretty much get more involved with what's going on in the community," says Luther.

Raising two kids of his own, he wants to spread the message to young people that it's okay to say no.

"It's okay to say no to the violence, it's okay to say no to the drugs, it's ok to say no to your friends that are trying to encourage you to do these bad things," says Luther.

Chattanooga Police say a big clue in this case? The shooter was in a blue van.

They are asking if anyone heard or saw something related to this shooting on Fagan Street to please give them a call.

The 15-year-old is listed in critical condition at a local hospital. The 17-year-old is listed in stable condition.

Police say the motive is unclear and police are working to identify a suspect.

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