CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Protesters in Chattanooga have joined the national "occupy" movement.

They met for a second time Friday night in Miller Park.

The group of around 100 gathered to protest Wall Street.

The group calls themselves the 99 percent. They say "corporate greed" has gotten out of control when most are barely getting by and taking a stand is the only way to change that.

"Give Tennesseans a chance to work and to gain back this country," says protestor, Joe Ford.

"Express my grievances against a system that operates for the profit of a few and not for the many," says protestor, Jared Story.

There is no word on when the next general assembly of Occupy Chattanooga will take place, but organizers are asking more people to join the movement.

The Occupy Chattanooga movement spread from Occupy Wall Street.

Friday morning, demonstrators held a victory march after they learned they didn't have to leave a lower Manhattan park.

Those celebrations turned to minor clashes with police, which resulted in a few arrests.