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Bledsoe County residents concerned about starving horses

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BLEDSOE COUNTY, TN (WRCB)  --  A group of horses on Wooden Loop Rd. in Bledsoe County are causing a lot of controversy with the local residents, who say most of them look like they're at deaths door. "They need to get these horses out of there cause Ray Charles can see they're dying," said horse owner, Jeff Wooden. 

Wooden drives by the property often and has noticed this year is worse than most. "They just haven't had any grass all summer and the drought, there's just no grass at all," Wooden explained.  

Wooden says he and his wife have tried to help, but have met a wall every time. "She don't seem to want no help. People have offered to help her and she has refused it," said Wooden. 

Horse owner Jonna Altman agreed to show Channel 3 around her property. "I know you're worried about your momma," she said talking to a 1-year-old colt.   

A couple of the horses looked to be in dire health. Their hip and rib bones protrude, giving away the fact they're grossly underweight. The worst off is a mare named Bit Bit, but Altman says she's only trying to help. "I rescued these four here, there was another one with them from Ohio," she said.  

Altman claims someone cut through her fencing and poisoned her horses, causing them to look sick and unhealthy. "I run a rescue, they work against that," she said. However, when Channel 3 asked whether she'd let the horses go, "this better not be where you can take my horses from me," she replied.

That's why concerned residents like Wooden have set out to get a court order to take the horses off the property. "Jonna, you need to let us get these horses and find them a home," Wooden pleaded.

The Bledsoe County Sheriff's Department says they're going to visit the property Thursday along with a UT Extension agent and a local vet.

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