CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  --  A father of three is Chattanooga's latest murder victim, and police say it happened after an argument at a nightclub.  

Police say it began Thursday night at the 'Fire and Ice' nightclub, when the victim and several others got into an argument.

Sometime before 3 a.m. 37-year-old, Reginald Clark, drove to his Greenwood Drive home.  The suspects followed him there, that's when he was murdered.

Dee Drive neighbors filled the streets early Friday morning, as police investigated the city's 23rd homicide this year.

"Once officers got on scene they found the deceased victim inside the home," says Chattanooga Police Sergeant, Jerri Weary.  "He'd been shot."

Police say someone followed Clark home from the nightclub, and then pulled the trigger.

By the time emergency crews arrived, it was already too late for Clark. 

Chattanooga police worked the scene all night long.  Several people saw it all happen, which helped investigators chase leads.

"We have been checking various locations trying to locate possible suspects," says Weary. 

One lead brought them to North Hickory Street around noon.

Channel 3 was on scene as SWAT team members used dogs to search inside a blue house in the 400 block.  In the end detectives came up empty handed, packed up and left.

One Dee Drive neighbor says her street is usually quiet, and this kind of violence is too close for comfort.

"I don't feel good about that," the neighbor says.  "That's too close to me."

Channel 3 spoke to a family member of Clark's off camera Friday.  We're told he lived at 1644 Greenwood Drive alone.  Police haven't said how the argument at 'Fire and Ice' began, they're still looking for suspects.