CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-  You don't see a lot of textbooks or paper at Chattanooga's Boyd-Buchanan School.  Middle and high school students have been issued their own Ipad 2 to use in the classroom and at home. They do their assignments, take their tests, and communicate with teachers, all on the IPad.

Senior Andrew Peace says, It's part of me.  It goes with me everywhere. I always keep it with me for homework, to read assignments, communicate with teachers, and even keep up with the news."

Boyd-Buchanan administrators say they got the idea from students, who then met with parents to seal the deal.  Students pay a $100 technology fee each semester, and the school raises additional funding to cover the expenses.  But school president Lanny Witt says its well worth the cost to move education forward.

"It hasn't changed academia or education," said Witt.  But it has made it much more friendly.  These students are digital natives.  This is how they learn.  We're now able to take education to them on their terms, instead of making us meet us on our terms." 

In Laura Lynn Roland's English class, traditional rows of desks are replaced by more casual seating.  Mrs. Roland graduated from this school 20 years ago, began teaching here in 2000, and says IPads have changed everything.

Mrs. Roland said, "I've gone from overhead projectors, to huge computers and monitors, and now the IPad 2.  Someday soon you're going to see every student with the IPad.  It has transformed how we teach.  Students are much more engaged when they have this great tool to use in their own hands."

Unlike the old days, papers are not lost, teacher communication is instant, and if you're home sick, it's easy to get your assignments.  It's the wave of the future, and at Boyd-Buchanan they're quick to credit the late Steve Jobs for creating this revolutionary device.

Senior Clayton Parker said, "Obviously he was a genius.  We're fortunate to have his technology, and everything he created was faster and better than what we had before."  Witt said, "When we were young, we thought everything would get bigger.  Cars, computers, you name it.  He proved that we could have the world at our fingertips.  It's a big world, but Steve Jobs made it smaller and more accessible for all of us."