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3 On Your Side: Tornado victims struggle with insurance claims

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CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB)  --  Parts of Bellevue Drive in Cleveland still look as if a tornado just ripped through the neighborhood.

The Morrow's home sits on the edge of what many call ground zero.

They were lucky they didn't lose their home like most of their neighbors, but for these homeowners, moving back in is still not an option more than five months later.

"It feels like you don't have a home," says homeowner Angie Morrow. "It's disheartening, my little boy calls this the old yucky house."

The Morrows home has been completely gutted. The siding is gone, the roof is gone and the walls are gone, too.

However, they have added one thing to their home, a two-story banner that reads, "We have Farm Bureau Insurance".

Their goal is to make a statement. 

"We didn't feel like we were being taken seriously," Morrow says.  

Morrow says they have received money from their insurance company to work on small repairs here and there but the home's damages still need to be assessed, and what's point of fixing it if they can't asses the damage.

"We're not slandering the insurance company, we're just making a mere statement, that's who they are to us," says Morrow.  

3 on Your Side contacted the Morrow's insurance agent, who says it comes down to a matter of claims. Since they hired their own public adjuster, things are moving a bit more slowly. He went on to say they are the ones who aren't cooperating. 

However, the Morrows maintain they have contacted their insurance a number of times and get the same answer every time.

"We'll get back to you, we have to talk to upper management," Morrow explains. "But you know what, we're still people out here, we still have feelings and when you've got hardcore proof from engineers and anybody else that your property is not as it should be, that should show you that we're not the ones taking advantage."

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