DALTON, WHITFIELD COUNTY (WRCB) – Police in Dalton are askingfor help identifying the suspects who broke into an apartment Monday.

Police say witnesses saw a man in gray hoodie getting into ablue Honda Civic driven by a woman around noon Monday.

A witness who was fishing behind the apartments reportedhearing a man banging on the back door of the apartment, and then heard thesound of breaking glass. 

The witness saw the suspect, described as a tall Hispanicmale in his late 20's wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and jeans,  reach in to unlock the door through a brokenglass panel and then enter. 

Police say after seeing the suspect come back out, carryinga plastic bag of change and appearing to carry something else concealed underhis sweatshirt, the witness called out for him to stop. 

The suspect ran towards Underwood Street with the witnesschasing him on foot.  The suspect gotinto a blue four-door Honda Civic driven by a small female. 

Investigators found a trail of blood inside the home andbelieve the suspect cut himself while breaking in through the glasswindow. 

The suspect took a Canon Powershot digital camera, an HPPavillion laptop computer, and also a black plastic bag that containedapproximately $50 in change from the apartment. 

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to pleasecontact Detective Ricky Long at the Dalton Police Department at 706-278-9085,extension 168.