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Corker, Bennet introduce Medicare Information Act

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – A new bill being introduced will makeit easier for citizens to get information about Medicare.

The bill, introduced by Sentators Bob Corker (R-TN) andMichael Bennet (D-CO), would provide a detailed summary of their Medicarecontributions and benefits.

"One of the most significantlong-term challenges for our country is restoring the solvency of the Medicaresystem, which holds $38 trillion in unfunded liabilities and runs out of moneyto pay full benefits in 2024.  Reforming the system will require all Americansto better understand what's at stake, and this new statement will help,"Corker said.  "For example, a couple earning $43,000 each per yearwill receive $357,000 in total lifetime Medicare benefits, while contributing$119,000. This obviously doesn't add up, and if Americans can see firsthandthis difference between what they pay in and what they will receive inbenefits, then hopefully we can get momentum behind reforms to preserve thesystem for current and future generations."

 "We should be workingtogether to find ways to strengthen Medicare for America's seniors," saidBennet. "Making more information available to the public can help Americansof all ages better understand the system and the challenges it faces down theroad. And in this difficult economic time, Americans want to know what they arepaying for and what they can expect from benefits. This commonsense, bipartisanbill will arm everyone with information to better prepare for their futures,and it also makes Medicare more accessible."


The full text of the bill and additional information hasbeen posted on Sen. Corker's website.

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