CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Fluorocarbon fishing line is fairly new to the bass fishing community and is actually designed for fly fishing.

When and where to use fluorocarbon line can be confusing to some anglers, here are some of the positive and negative characteristics of fluorocarbon line.

Positive Characteristics:

Fluorocarbon line is very hard to see in clear water.  This can be a great advantage when fish become line shy in clear water.  

Fluorocarbon line does not stretch like monofilament line which can give you a longer cast, better hook set, and greater feel in heavy cover.

Fluorocarbon is a little tougher than monofilament and can offer less abrasion in heavy cover.

Fluorocarbon is always a good choice when using crank baits because it sinks and allows better running depth for these baits.

Negative Characteristics:

There appears to be a big difference in brands of fluorocarbon line which is reflected in its quality and price so it might take trying a few different brands before you find the one you like.

The line at times will seem stiff and not work as well on spinning rods as casting reels.

Some anglers report having problems with knots slipping, so it is a good idea to leave a ¼ inch tag on your knot.  A drop of super glue has been known to be used on the knot for extra security.

Because fluorocarbon line sinks, it is not a good choice for top water lures.

Due to lack of line stretch, back your drag off some, and use rods with more action at the top.

Knowing the characteristics of fluorocarbon line should give you the ability and confidence to know when and where to use it.

Good luck and good fishing!