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River Rocks Festival returns to Chattanooga

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- The second annual 'River Rocks' Festival is here with thousands of people expected to descend on the Scenic City.

The festival will last 10 days and include over 90 outdoor events. 

The founder of River Rocks wants to showcase everything the Chattanooga area has to offer when it comes to outdoor activities. Last year's inaugural event was deemed a major success and this year's promises to be even bigger and better.

If you have driven around town lately you have probably noticed all the signs for River Rocks.

"We couldn't be happier with the way the city has embraced what we're doing," says Mike McGauley.

Mike McGauley is the co-founder of River Rocks. After three years of planning, the festival took place for the first time last year. More than 40,000 people flocked to the Tennessee Valley for the event.

McGauley says it combines the best of the outdoors, music and fun.

"Cycling, running, kayaking," he says.

He says River Rocks will have a little bit of everything for the elite athlete to the amateur.

"We've got an amazing assemblage of adventure sports events for all levels of people who want to be engaged," says McGauley.

After last year's success, interest in the festival has grown. Just ask Ruth Thompson at Outdoor Chattanooga.

"A lot of people stopping in," Thompson says. "Mostly the phone is ringing off the hook."

She says River Rocks is a great way to draw people in and hopefully keep them coming back.

"They'll tell their friends, they'll go home to wherever they came from and tell their friends. So yeah, it spreads the word and gets people out, that's the most important thing," says Thompson.

"I think it's great for the city overall. Obviously for the folks that are into the outdoors. But for the city as a whole, it adds a lot of value," says Preston Roberts, who lives in Chattanooga.

With people expected to come from 40 different states, McGauley wants people to gain a new appreciation for the natural wonders of Chattanooga.

"It's a major part of our quality of life and our quality of life is really, in my opinion, second to none," he says.

For more information on River Rocks and a schedule of events, click here.

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