CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The city of Chattanooga is preparing to redraw district lines.

They do it every 10 years after census numbers are returned.

The goal is to get the numbers right.

Each district needs to have roughly 19,000 voters.

Districts 4  (Jack Benson) and District 6 (Russell Gilbert) are off by thousands.

Tuesday afternoon, the city council talked about different methods they can use to help get the lines right.

One is by using a software program.  It helps track how population to each district and what's the best solution.

City council also wants feedback from the public. Councilman Peter Murphy says there will be some public backlash. "Every time this happens, the public will get upset because for example they voted for Deborah Scott and now they will get moved to a different district to achieve the population balance."

City Attorney Mike McMahan said, "It is virtually impossible to get it so right that everyone's vote is exactly the same."

The public can call 423-643-6665 and leave a message on the matter or you can email

City council must pass the measure before the end of the year.